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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who loves the Silhouette? I do! I do!

To go along with the theme of my son's 3rd birthday, and his birthday card that I made (here), I made this thank you card. To save some time and paper, I created postcards, if you will, instead of full cards. This is the front and it was mounted on white cardstock - which is where I wrote the thank you notes on. So, instead of just two cards from a piece of cardstock, I got four postcards - yay! Where does the Silhouette come in? Well, for the original card I had found a Spiderman clipart that I saved and printed out on cardstock. I wanted to make a background for it on the thank you card, so I used the autotrace feature of the Silhouette software and basically imported the spiderman head. After tracing, I copied it and made it just a bit larger. I overlapped the two to make sure I had enough border (the head is not perfectly oval, so cutting just a bunch of ovals wouldn't have matched up correctly.) When I found the correct amount of background color to mat the Spiderman head, I then removed the original and copy and pasted the 'mat' one repeatedly on the screen. After that was done, I cut the blue cardstock and had a bunch of Spiderman head mats! Very cool indeed! And so much easier than having to hand cut 16+ ovals...or even running them one by one through my Cuttlebug...if I even had the oval nestabilities...which is still on my wish list ;-)

Tools used: Cuttlebug, Silhouette

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  1. Love this idea :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Alex from England x