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Welcome to my blog! Here I'll be occasionally showcasing some of my work and letting you know when & where I'll be at craft fairs. I hope to see you there!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ebates - earn $$ back when you shop...Really!

Ever hear of ebates.com? Ever do some online shopping?  Combined, these will give you money back.  That's right! You heard me...$$$ back to you!  I didn't sign up for the longest time because I thought it was one of those scams, but then I found someone who did it and they loved it so I signed up.  It's free, of course (I wouldn't be telling you about it if it weren't, 'cause that's how I roll lol) and I've made about 20 bucks so far.  I know, it's not going to make me rich, but $20 in my pocket is better than in someone else's!  In any event...using it is really easy.  Sign up and then when you're ready to shop, go to ebates.com first....if you click to your final destination through ebates, you get credit and make a percentage of your order.  That's all there is to it!  Once a quarter I get a check mailed to me.  Ka-ching!

Soooo.... if you're ready to start making some $ back on your online purchases, click the link below:


Happy shopping!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Version 4!!!

It's coming, it's coming!!!!  Version 4 of My Memories Suite is coming soon!  Lots more added to this version...I can't wait to find out what!  What will you create with your new software??

If you're interested, they offer free trials of their software programs.  Feel free to download a trial and start playing around.  If you love the software like I do, please use my code for a great discountSTMMMS72517 - you can click the link on my sidebar.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Share the Memories ~ Freebie

Hi All,

Sorry, it's been a little while since I posted a freebie, but this week's a cool one that could be used for so many different things! And with Christmas coming up I think this could get a lot of use :-)  Remember, these links only last for so long, so grab them while you can!

Please remember...You will now access the freebies through the store, instead of as a direct download. This means that if you ever buy a new computer, your computer crashes, or you accidentally delete a file, you will be able to access it in your My Downloads section of your MyMemories account. Please know that you will now have to have a (free!) MyMemories account to access the downloads. Enjoy!!!

Click below for a tutorial on how to make these adorable little boxes! 

As always, if you're thinking about getting their fantastic software program, use my code on my sidebar.... shhhhh....you 'may' want to hold off for a little while.....but I can't say why just yet ;-)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ridiculous Blog Hop!

Have you done My Memories blog hop yet? Well, what are you waiting for! It's ridiculous the amount of freebies (30+ !!!) they have in store for you.  Seriously ... if you do digital scrapbooking, with or without their fabulous software, you need to do this blog hop (or blog train, as they call it, but really it's the same thing lol)  Remember, all of their kits come in two formats - one to use with their program, and one general, so go hop and getcha come goodies!  


And after you're done hopping, and trying out their software program, come back here and grab my code to save you some $$ off getting your very own software!  You know you want to...  :-)  Have fun!