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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glad to be a grad...

My husband's cousin's husband (did you follow that?! LOL) graduated with his doctorate. Although the invitation said no gifts, I still needed to bring something, so I figured something handmade is always a good choice. I got some digital pics of the family and graduation and created a photo collage to celebrate all he's done for his degree. I used the Glad to be a Grad file, but had to finagle it so that I could fit it on the 8.5x11 paper & frame. In the Robomaster program I layered the files together, grouped them, and then resized them. That way all the layers would match up. After resizing, I separated them again so that I could cut out the separate colors/parts. The rest of the page was done digitally - digital pics and background.

(Sorry 'bout the pic - should have taken it without the glass - oops!)

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