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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Block Stencils

For these cards I took two blocks of the block stencil kit and enlarged them to 2.5x2.5" each.  They come either in the sheet, or as individual blocks, so once I enlarged them and centered them on a rectangle (4.25x5.5") I removed the outline of the block so that the stencil part would stay on the paper I was making for my card.  This created the centerpiece, if you will, for my cards.

For the hearts card I cut a frame out using my nesties and cuttlebug and put it over the stencil part.  I used a scrap piece of red paper to put behind the hearts.  Chalked the border of the paper I cut on my Silhouette and then stamped "love" and added some flowers to the end.  Voila!

For this card I followed the same kind of thing as above, but instead of the red paper, I used - get this - a part of the blue plastic bag that covers our paper each week.  Good way to recycle, right? :-)  I was going for more of a stained glass look.  I wanted the blue to really show through, but I wanted it on a black card, so I layered the blue plastic and then white paper behind the stencil (blue plastic on black would've been too dark).  Then I added bling, a ribbon, a stamped sentiment and then adhered to the black card and I was done!  Well, except that it's hard to write on black, so I put a white piece of paper inside to write a note on.

Tools used: Stencils, Silhouette, Cuttlebug, Nestabilities


  1. Wow, those are really cool! Check you out with all the bling!!! I am proud of you! LOL!! The second one looks like it came from Baroque Motifs too.

  2. Lookout crafting world - I'm blinging it up! LOL

    Thanks Di! When are we gonna get together? I need to craft!!! :)