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Monday, August 3, 2009

#1 Dad

Yes, I know, Father's Day was last month... so I'm a little late....oh well. In any event, I created this card all by my little lonesome. By that I mean that I created the 'DAD' by welding the letters together and cutting them out with my Silhouette. I also created the card part that basically matted around the 'DAD'. This part was tricking to do since I was creating it for the whole card and not just a mat. It took some work, but I finally did get it so that when I folded it along the top everything lined up and the 'DAD' fit in nicely. Once assembled, I embossed the #1 so that it really popped on the blue paper. My hubby liked the card, but I doubt he understands what it took to make it LOL OH well... it'll be my little secret ;-)

Tools used: Silhouette; embossing heat gun

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  1. I like it! I can now see why it was difficult to explain! Men have no clue about how long it takes to make them something.