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Friday, March 7, 2014

Review of KNITFreedom's "I Love Bind-Offs" video book

Oh my goodness! I can not tell you how excited I was when I found out Liat was coming out with another video book....this time about bind-offs! And the best part is that she allowed me an early look at it so I could review it, and let me just say, it didn't disappoint. It met my expectations and then some! (My expectations were fairly high since I really love her Cast-On book! You can check out my review here.) Hands-down this is the best way to learn bind-offs. How many bind-offs do you know? Did you know that this book shows you 45 bind-offs? Did you know there were that many?? I sure didn't! What if I told you Liat knitted over 200 bind-off swatches during her research that led to the best 45 - would you believe me? Well, she did! And the result of her hard work is something we all get to benefit from.

In her latest video book she gives you three different ways to learn & see how the bind-off is done. Each bind-off has a video, step-by-step photo instructions, and an animated demo. You can learn this new technique using whatever style of instructions your brain likes best. I love the addition of the animated video at the end because it allows you to quickly review the technique if you've forgotten a step. As always, her videos and instructions are clear and concise. The videos are close-ups so you can easily see exactly what she's doing. And don't worry, she teaches in both continental and American styles for each bind-off.  If there's a tip or trick, she shows you. If the bind-off matches with a cast-on, she'll include that info as well. 

In this book you'll learn: 
  • how to choose bind-offs
  • Liat's favorite bind-offs,
  • new and interesting bind-offs in the bind-off challenge, and
  • how to make your own bind-off samplers, plus lots of other tips and tricks.
The bind-offs are categorized and are also listed by name. Here are the categories:
  1. Standard/Garter St
  2. Stretchy/Ribbing
  3. Decorative
  4. Seaming
  5. Firm (Non-Stretchy)
  6. Bind-Offs for Lace
  7. Bind-Offs for Seed St
  8. 2-Color
  9. Sloped
  10. Buttonholes

One of my favorite parts of this book is the addition of icons. That's right! Icons for difficulty, speed, stretchiness and more are included so you can quickly and easily find which bind-offs would work for the type of project you are working on. If there's a matching cast-on, there's an icon for that too. 

Speaking of matching cast-ons, if I HAD to, I think an addition of a chart showing which bind-offs match which cast-ons would be helpful, to kind of have an overview of all the matches/recommendations. It could be a quick reference guide instead of scrolling through to find the bind-offs that have matching cast-ons. 

I LOVE THIS BOOK and I know you will too! So get ready to order because it'll be on sale on March 8th! (Oh, did you know that when you order the book you get a link, so you can watch it on a number of devices. Pretty cool, huh?)

Enjoy! I'm off to try the Icelandic Bind-Off. It looks like a lot of fun!

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