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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wipes Box

My sister-in-law is pregnant and for her baby shower for every box of wipes or diapers you brought in you were entered into a raffle for a drawing of a gift basket.  I couldn't just bring in a plain old wipes box! So, I made it pretty :-)  .... wait, she's pregnant with a boy...I mean I made it cute! LOL  In any event, the baby's room is a soft green color and the items that my brother and sister-in-law chose for it have monkeys on it so that's the theme I went with on my box.  I used my Silhouette to cute out words and the template for the box top and sides.  Since I had the same wipes box at home from when my kids were little I took the top off, used a black sharpie to outline the top and then I scanned it.  From there I was able to import the scanned image into the Silhouette software and create a template for the top.  The sides were much easier and I just pretty much measured them and created a template in RoboMaster.  I have all the templates saved in case anyone wants to create their own.  It's from a Huggies box if you've got the same one.  Just let me know! 

For the monkeys I used a clipart that I had.  I colored it in PSE and copied it so that I could import into Word.  From there I made two small monkeys and one larger one.  I printed and cut them out.  I used some twine for the vines and punched out some leaves using the same paper as the letters/wording.  I used tacky tape to adhere all the background pieces and then glued the monkeys and leaves and letters down.  I let it all dry for a day and then I covered all the paper with a triple tacky sealant.  It goes on really thick but makes a nice seal over everything.  My sister-in-law was very happy with it and said it matches the room perfectly.  Yay for me! :-)  I hope you like it too!

Tools used: Silhouette, leaf punch


  1. I like the saying you came up with! It looks great and I'm glad that your SIL liked it too!

  2. What a cute project Heather! I´m sure your brother and sister-in-law will love it!

    Thank you to sign-up for our blog hop! I´ll send you more info on the upcoming days ;)

  3. what a cute idea :) thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a cute and fabulous idea! Love it! :o)