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Thursday, July 18, 2013

KNITFreedom Guide to Cast-Ons Review

Have you ever wanted to expand your cast-on repertoire? Ever wanted a reference to look back at because you've forgotten how to do one you learned for a special project? Ever wish you had additional tips?  Don't you wish you had someone to physically show you how to cast-on?  If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then Liat's newest book -  KNITFreedom Guide to Cast-Ons - is for you!  Ok, so if you've read my earlier post you might be thinking - "why is she telling us about this book when another book was previously reviewed?"  Well, that's because as good as the other book is, THIS one is a video book!  That's right! It's a cast-on video tutorial. It has videos to show you more than 30 different cast-ons! Now don't worry, if you're thkining, "but don't have an ereader", it's ok! You’ll get private access to the online class with more than 45 HD videos, high-resolution photos of each cast-on, as well as written instructions. You can watch the videos anywhere!  How awesome is that?  This book is for anyone knitting, at any level of expertise.  Each video is a close-up demo of each cast-on, and there's even some additional videos to help with common issues.  This ebook/video course is the bomb-diggity!!!  Seriously, this book truly rocks!  Liat explains each cast-on in such a simple manner that anyone can understand.  

She also tells you what/why you'd use the cast-on for.  For example: 

  • Tillybuddy’s cast-on to create a buttonhole,
  • the Italian tubular cast-on to invisibly start ribbing, and
  • the Chain cast-on to perfectly match your cast-on and bind-off edges.

This ebook/course also tells you how to:

  • finally stop casting on too tight
  • never forget how many stitches you’ve just counted, and
  • make sure you never run out of tail, without wasting yarn
The videos are fairly short (~3 mins.) and are concise. Liat gets down to business! You won't waste your time waiting for the actual cast-on to begin.

There's a ton more to tell you but you should just go check it out yourself.  :-)
I'm going to go practice my Chinese Waitress cast-on (yes, that's a real cast-on!)

Happy casting-on! 

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