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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Share the Memories ~ Freebie

This week (and next) the freebie is a bookmark!  And along with the freebie is a tutorial to tell you how to create your own using the MyMemories software.  These would make great gifts :-)

STEPS:  Open MyMemories Suite software and choose your album size (I chose 8.5 x 11 for a printable project).  Add the papers and elements you wish to use to create your own printable project (I made these Bookmarks), and when you are finished, click: SHARE ALBUM ====> EXPORT PAGES and save as a .jpg!  The new .jpg papers you created are now usable as stand alone printable projects to use and reuse anytime!  The Freebies enclosed are just samples of the printable projects you can make!  Just print, cut and use!  I just added a little ribbon fringe, and voila!!  What better little "extra" goodie when giving a book?  What about making these for your child's class?  Sunday School?  So many great uses - so easy and fun!

Remember, you can use these files in other programs.  Not that you'll like them as much as you would MyMemories, but you could use them elsewhere :-)

Today's freebie:

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